Aayirathil Oruvan [2010] Movie Guide

Language: Tamil

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Cast: Karthik Sivakumar, Andrea, Reema Sen, Parthiban, Prathap K. Pothan

Director: K. Selvaraghavan

Music: G.V. Prakash Kumar

Reasons to watch: The pre – release hype and the efforts poured in by the technicians.

Reasons not to watch: Too long and amazingly CONFUSING!!!

Storyline: An archaeologist (Prathap K. Pothan) goes missing on a solitary mission to find the ghost town of the long lost Cholas. His daughter Lavanya (Andrea) is devastated by this news. Enter – Anitha Pandian (Reema Sen) and her bandwagon of military lads led by Ravi (Azhagamperumal) who offers to help Lavanya find her missing father; of course they have ulterior motives behind the offer. Funded by the Government and manpower provided by Muthu (Karthik Sivakumar), a churlish, rustic, bad-mannered guy with prowling eyes and his co – laborers, the entire team sets sail on a journey marred by greed, revenge and utter chaos that eventually has a deeper meaning at the end with a realization of destinies and the unexplainable links between them and one of the world’s earliest civilizations. With a clash of destinies, history is about to repeat itself — and the consequences will be far worse and disastrous than they ever imagined. The first half is awesome with a terrific combination of fanatical violence with dark and gloomy mysticism.

The second half is where the director seems to have gone bonkers along with the movie’s script. Parthiban as the Chola King is all guns in the second half and his intro scene makes you jostle in your seats. The first 45 minutes of the second half tests your patience. It looks like Selvaraghavan wanted to show us ‘more’ and I guess in the end he has shown more than what the audience can take; too much of anything can also be a problem.

Taking cue from Tamil history, Selvaraghavan’s epic movie gives us something totally uncalled for by breaking away from the shackles of stereotypical Tamil cinema and finally confuses us so much that we wonder if we actually liked the movie or not.

Climax Handling: 3 hours of watching this movie and you get this logical but irritating climax that leaves you completely dissatisfied.

Points: Karthik hasn’t shed his Paruthi Veeran look and continues in the same manner. No scope for acting as such in this movie, but a lot of hard work has been put in by the technicians and that is evident. Parthiban’s intro does not allow you to blink, but he is reduced to a caricature as the movie progresses. The songs are a real headache and add to the on-screen confusion. The movie would have been more comprehensible had there been sub-titles in the second half.

Rating: 6/10

Comments: Brush up your history before watching this complex brain-racking movie.

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